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Special Products

Specially Manufactured Products

Alongside our standard selection of precision balls, Spheric Trafalgar can supply a wide range of specially manufactured products that meet the requirements of demanding engineers across all sectors of industry. So if you need

  • Spherical Plug Gauges for gauging internal balls
  • CMM Reference Balls for setting Co-ordinate Measuring Machines
  • Plain Reference Balls for setting precision measuring equipment
  • Tooling Balls for general purpose use in jigs and fixtures

we've got you covered.

Bespoke Products

As well as producing these precision products in standard formats. we can also make bespoke versions. So if you need something out of of the ordinary, just supply us with the relevant drawings and leave the rest to the team here at Spheric Trafalgar. Any special products which we supply which come with a UKAS Certificate of Calibration, lists the measured results relevant to the ball diameter and roundness; these are fully traceable to the relevant National and International Standards.

Specially Manufactured Balls

Alongside our standard range of special products, Spheric Trafalgar also manufactures modified balls to suit pretty much any purpose. If you need balls with holes, with flats, with cylindrical parts or any combination of these and other features, just get in touch with our friendly sales staff and we'll be happy to sort you out.

Special Products